What’s in My Bag?

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What’s in My Bag?

Without a bag on my side, I feel naked, as many women do. I couldn’t imagine not having my essentials handy. I try to keep my bags as clutter-free as possible, making the items I really need easy to find.

In my Givenchy bag, I’ve got my
Kate Spade Planner: Sometimes it’s just easier to jot down what I need to remember and have it laid out in front of me.
Chanel Wallet: So necessary in keeping all of my cards organized.
Celine Sunglasses: You never know when you might need them, which is quite often for me.
Club Monaco Hat: It’s nice to be able to throw on a hat if the weather or my hair changes, or to simply change up my look.
– Mints: Who doesn’t need a breath freshener from time to time?
YSL Lip Stain: My go-to lip color
Amore Pacific moisturizer: Keeping skin hydrated is so important, especially during the winter.
Fashionborn Business Cards: Always a good idea to carry a few with you.

And in my LV makeup bag with my must-haves:
Mac Studio Fix Powder
Laura Mercier Mascara
Tocca Perfume
Mac Makeup Remover Wipes
– Marc Jacobs Mini Lip Sticks (Limited Edition)

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  1. Maggie February 6, 2016 / 4:26 pm

    Do you really keep a hat in your bag? Seems like it won’t fit… haha. I love the idea of carrying around a planner though! That one is so cute 🙂


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