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After long days of shooting and traveling, I always need to take some time to re nourish my body and skin. I like to do so by of course eating healthy and working out but when it comes to my skincare sometimes I need a little help from a good mask or facial treatment. It’s important for me to take care of my skin and pay attention to it since I’m always applying and re applying make up (and sweating from running around). It’s nice to give my facial skin a break and give it a good treatment to keep it healthy and vibrant!

My go to skincare products for after long hours and days are from Petaluma & Co. They have so many products to choose from! You can find every type of face and eye mask you can think of! They even have one that they named ” What happened last night”! So if you have a rough night (a little too much rosè) you know where find something to get you through the next morning. My favorite at the moment is called “Bye Bye to Dry”. Especially after this past week in N.Y., I needed a good hydrating mask. The packaging is so small and convenient that I was also able to just slip it in my suitcase and use it when I needed too!

What’s also great about Petaluma and Co is that you can take care of your skin in a natural and inexpensive way. If you’re not keen on getting an procedures done to help your skin, you can do so in a very natural way at your convenience as well. I also just genuinely enjoy doing a good face mask and like to do it while I’m doing things around the house or working on my blog! Or you can also throw a girls night and have some fun in a mask while sipping on some wine!

Go check out Petaluma & Co‘s website for some much needed skin care! You’ll be surprised at how many different products they have and you can find the one that’s perfect for you (plus easy and free shipping)!

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  1. Spenser September 28, 2016 / 6:23 pm

    What a pretty robe! And I love the flowers!

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