Lather. Rinse. Repeat.


I get lots of questions about my hair care and what it takes to keep it looking healthy, so I am finally laying out my routine and product obsessions!

I am constantly coloring my hair. This year, I even tried going back to my natural dark (and I mean dark!) brown hair color. Well, I ended up not loving it so much. So, suffice it to say that I’ve been on what seems like an endless journey to get my sun-kissed dirty blonde hair back!

Frequently coloring my hair and styling it for shoots or events, takes a major toll on my tresses. Needless to say, the right products are everything for my hair.


I’m going to take you step by step for what I use at home to keep my overworked hair healthy and damage-free.

• Shampoo: Kerastase Bain Force Shampoo (green bottle)

I have tried almost every shampoo (from high to low end) on the market and this one is the holy grail.

• Mask: Kerastase Maskeratine (pink bottle)

Instead of using a conditioner after I shampoo, I apply a hair mask. My hair needs hydration and conditioner just doesn’t perform anywhere near as well as this miracle worker. I’ll leave the mask on while I soap up and shave to let it do its magic.

Side note: I know Kerastase can get expensive, but I can tell you that it really is so worth it! A little goes a long way and I think using a product like Kerastase will end up saving you money you will spend in treatments or a barrage of products to fix damaged hair.

• Leave-In: Living Proof “No Frizz” Leave-In Conditioner.

After showering, I apply this super nourishing, but also super lightweight leave-in conditioner. Color-treated hair definitely needs that extra protection and moisture. I’ve noticed a big difference after incorporating this product into my hair routine. It really gives it that healthy shine.

• Styling: Kerastase Keratin Thermique (heat protecting)

Before I turn on the hair dryer, curling/flat iron, I make sure to protect my hair with a barrier between my hair and whatever styling tool I may be using. This is so important in staving off heat damage.

• Dry Shampoo: Dry Bar Detox

I really try not to wash my hair that often and aim for about twice per week. Between shampoos, I can’t live without Dry Bar’s Detox Dry Shampoo! It’s quick, easy and totally refreshes unwashed hair.

I use a lot of product to style my hair, so once a week, I cleanse with a detox shampoo to get a really deep cleaning. This one really does the job, but doesn’t strip away color or moisture.

• Detox Shampoo: Kevin Murphy Maxi Wash

I’ll also do an intense, overnight hair mask (Olaplex Hair Perfecter) once a week to help restore my hair after chemical treatments. It is life changing!

• Overnight Hair Mask: Olaplex Hair Perfecter

For an easy home remedy, I use castor oil in my hair as a mask and leave on overnight. I know coconut oil is “all the rage” right now, but castor oil is seriously a miracle oil (even on skin!)

Stay tuned to see how I create my beachy waves next week…

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