Hola Cabo San Lucas!

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As you all know from Instagram, I pretty much went straight from the Dominican Republic to Cabo San Lucas. I definitely have the travel bug right now! Cabo is one of my favorite places to visit. It’s just a short flight from San Francisco, and it’s always an easy trip.

This trip, we are staying at the Esperanza Resort for the first time. I am absolutely loving it so far! It’s right on the water, and everything is so gorgeous! You honestly never have to leave the property — sometimes those are my favorite kinds of trips!

I packed some new suits for my stay in Cabo. I feel like you can never have enough swimsuits, am I right? For this trip, I chose some suits from JETS Swimwear. JETS is an Australian brand that I love. One of the best parts of my job is discovering and trying out new brands.

The JETS philosophy is to “enhance every woman’s natural curves to create the most flattering silhouette.” And they definitely achieve their goal! I love this particular print so much. So much so that I got a bikini, one piece, and dress all in the same print!

JETS is stylish, sophisticated and sexy — the winning combination! I’m off to explore Cabo… I just love the landscape here. It’s my two favorite things combined, tropical & desert. You know I love a good cactus!

Thank you JETS Swimwear & Shopping Links for sponsoring this post!

Photography: Andrea Posadas

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